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With Love from our customers

Pastry Palace has been adding joy to celebrations for over 40 years. Through years of dedication and hard work, our establishment has become a household name, synonymous with quality, mouth-watering cakes and creativity. We place great emphasis on attention to detail and as a result, our mouth-watering cakes and handcrafted pastries have found their way into thousands of Goan homes.

We are now taking it a step further by giving you – our beloved patrons – a choice to order our cakes right from the comfort of your home. Our cake selection tool helps you easily choose the perfectly blended cake for you and your loved ones in a few simple clicks. This simplification of our ordering process is our way of making the Pastry Palace experience more suitable for you. Our hope is that you spend more time with your family and friends sharing our cakes and less time ordering exactly what you want.

Through all these changes, we continue to keep our commitment to all our guests at  Pastry Palace. To us, you are family. Our cakes and confections will always rise to your every occasion and we hope you always consider Pastry Palace for every special event in your lives.

Ordering online is currently available only to the Goa region.